All you Need to Know About Unibody Repair

All you Need to Know About Unibody Repair
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If you think a bit deeper, a car will not look much different from that of a house, in many respects. Both of them are built on a frame that is meant to haul people and their belongings, everything together. So, when that frame gets damaged, the entire thing collapsed. It happens the same way both to the house and the car. The only difference between the two is that when the body frame of a house gets damaged, it reaches a no point of return, while in a car, you can get back the original shape and stature with a unibody repair work, even after your car has faced a critical collision.

According to the Salisbury collision repair technicians, a vehicle structure is significantly dependent on its subframe which is also known as unibody. So, if a collision causes any amount of damage to this unibody, and it is left unattended, the result can be overwhelming as it can affect the car’s drivability to a great extent.

What is Unibody?

While most of the older cars were built on subframes, the comparatively newer ones are built on unibodies. The main difference between the two is that the subframes are more modular in structure which can be removed part by part, during the repair work, while the unibody design makes the car frame as one single component that needs to be repaired at a time when there is a damage. The advantage of unibody is that, it applies to the car more rigidity in comparison to the multiple subcomponents.

Repair Work

Whether you need to repair your car body for dings and dents, or for any major damage, the unibody repairs will certainly involve a process ensuring that the original safety standards and performance engineering done by the manufacturer are strictly maintained.

The repair work involved in a unibody frame are usually done through different approaches. It will be totally dependent on the skilled technician, as to what exact procedure will be followed to achieve the best possible results.

While in some cases, the repair work will involve straightening out the bent areas, in other cases, the technicians might decide to get the parts replaced rather than rebuilt, depending upon the parts that is damaged.

The effect of the damage and the issues arising post a collision are the major deciding factors regarding how a unibody design will be repaired. Some might involve major factory welding as well.

The Bottom Line

To round up, one of the most important part of unibody repair is that it mostly involves straightening of the twisted and bent frames. This repair work is required to restore the original balance and engineering of the vehicle which is necessary to match. While most of the mechanics you come across might not be able to provide unibody repairs, but the specialized auto body collision shops like the collision repair Salisbury will be able to bring your vehicle back to its original stature.

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